3 current trends for nurses in Wisconsin

Posted by Brianna Neuser on 5/25/17 7:30 AM

The health care industry is in a constant state of change, and the nursing field is at risk of flatlining. The demand for medical care is rising, hospitals around the country are desperate for nurses, and Wisconsin is no exception.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job outlook for Registered Nurses from 2014-24 will grow 16 percent, a much faster rate than average. Here in Wisconsin, we’re without a doubt facing an unprecedented shortage of registered nurses. Baby boomers are quickly approaching retirement and aging nurses are leaving the field in droves.

There’s a silver lining to this news, however, if you’re considering pursuing a nursing degree. Simply put, there’s no better time than now to enter this exciting field. Read on to see just how positive the outlook is for nurses with bachelor’s degrees in the next 10 years!

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4 reasons to complete your BSN now

Posted by Brianna Neuser on 3/2/17 9:47 AM

There are a lot of great reasons to become a nurse: You help others in need. You know you want to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. You feel that nursing is not just a profession but a calling. Maybe you’ve already completed your associate’s degree in nursing, and while you’re still finding your role as a nurse fulfilling, you’re also considering reasons why you should go on to complete your four-year nursing degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a need for an additional 1 million nurses by 2022 due to growth and replacement needs.

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Here are four reasons why you should consider a BSN completion program

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