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There's a Nursing Shortage. Here's What You Should Do About It.

Posted by Brianna Neuser on 5/3/18 1:40 PM

Nursing is a beautiful and noble career. This type of care for the most vulnerable and weak offers nurses the unique opportunity to be a transformative agent in a person's life. In the face of the worst or most frightening circumstances, nurses bring an element of human dignity and compassion, providing care and assistance that helps turn the situation into something more manageable.

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5 Reasons A Work College Might Be Right for You

Posted by Matthew Goff on 4/26/18 12:07 PM

When choosing the right college, it all comes down to the things that are most important to you. The location is important. The size of the school and student-teacher ratios are important. The extra-curricular offerings, dorms, and student organizations are all important. But the questions that often weigh heaviest on the minds of high school seniors deciding where to go to college are about the future: “Does this school have the degree I want?” “Will it help prepare me for my career? For the real world?” “How much is it going to cost?” “Why this school over others?”

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Connection, Beauty, Growth: The Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 4/12/18 1:05 PM

When was the last time you did something that was both deeply practical and deeply fulfilling?

This is the type of experience that students describe finding at the Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.

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A Life Devoted to Music and Service: The Legacy of Sister Lorna Zemke

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 4/5/18 3:21 PM

Do you have a particularly cheerful and humble mentor, teacher, or friend who comes to mind when you think about the people who have touched your life? Did this person also transform the way music is conceptualized and taught throughout the world?

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New Guide: A Guide to Silver Lake College's Summer Graduate Music Program

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 2/8/18 3:36 PM

Are you looking for an opportunity to enrich your knowledge and grow your skills in music and music instruction? Are you interested in experiential learning that uses music to develop the whole person? Look no further than our Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program.

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Ask a professor: Why SLC's Graduate Education program might be right for you

Posted by Jamie Grant on 2/1/18 11:25 AM

Working as a teacher or administrator in a school setting can be very demanding. 

However, it’s important to find ways you can grow in your profession and role. Learning new knowledge and skills can be invigorating. One of the best ways to improve your performance and be able to give even more to your students is by investing time in a graduate degree in an education related field.

We reached out to Dr. Michael Dunlap, dean of Silver Lake College’s School of Education, to get the full story on pursuing an advanced degree in education.

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The Voices of Students: Reflections on SLC’s Summer Graduate Music Program

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 1/25/18 11:47 AM

The prospect of going back to school for a graduate degree or a certification in music education can be daunting. Perhaps you’re wondering: “What will this program actually be like? What makes this program different from other programs? How will this help me grow as a musician and educator?” In these situations, you want to hear from people who are on the ground, who have experienced the program, and who have insights beyond what an admissions counselor or faculty member can offer.

Ever wondered what it would be like to attend Silver Lake College’s Kodály Summer Graduate Music Program? We took a survey for you. Read on to hear what current students are saying about the program.

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Why a BSN is valuable for career advancement in the nursing industry

Posted by Brianna Neuser on 11/22/17 12:45 PM

Research regarding the field of health care tells us that as the population ages, the need for nurses in a variety of settings is increasing. A high demand for nurses means good things for job outlook, but how do you know if taking the next step and pursuing a BSN is the right choice for you?

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New guide: A Guide to the Silver Lake College 4-Year BSN Program

Posted by Brianna Neuser on 11/9/17 1:30 PM

Did you know that the employment rate for registered nurses is projected to grow 16 percent from 2014-2024?

Did you also know that by 2020, Wisconsin alone will need to grow its registered nurse population by approximately 24 percent in order to counter its approaching nursing shortage? This high demand for nurses is due to a growing population, increased stress on preventive care, growing rates of chronic disease and a higher demand for innovative health care services.

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3 reasons why businesses need leaders instead of managers

Posted by Dr. James Begotka on 10/26/17 12:30 PM

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, companies don’t just need managers who are strictly concerned with what’s happening right now — they need leaders who can think critically and look towards the future.

Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) is an emerging field that trains the business leaders of tomorrow by focusing on contemporary theories in business leadership and dynamics at a personal, interpersonal and organizational level.

Here are three reasons businesses today need leaders, not managers. To support these claims, we sought out the wisdom of Dr. Jim Begotka, Director of the Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development Program and Assistant Professor at Silver Lake College.

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