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3 Ways to Enhance Your College Visit This Fall

Posted By Benjamin Wideman On October 13, 2015

3 ways to enhance your college visit this fall

The college visit is essential to the college decision process. It’s hard to find the “perfect fit” if the only way you visit the school is virtually, over the internet.

Time spent physically touring campuses is time well-spent, especially when you schedule and map out your days so you take in (1) the necessary components of the college visit (campus tour and information session) and (2) the fun things (sports games, classroom visit, and town events).

It hard to imagine yourself in a place if you haven’t actually been there, right? Often, campus visits exist purely to inform, but there is one inherent component that is commonly overlooked—campus personality. Although information sessions and tours are crucial to the college visit, here are a few other things to squeeze into your schedule that will not only make your college visit more informative, but more fun!


Note: The best way to capture the essence of a college campus is to be there as you would as a student—absorbed in campus life, aware of local town events, and involved. Here’s how:

1. Play student for a day

Interested in science? Music? Art? Nursing? Schedule a time to sit in on a class during your visit. Pay attention to the interaction of the students and teacher. With this you can begin to understand the expectancy level of the professor and the style of teaching the program employs. Although one class isn’t necessarily indicative of all the others, it will offer a preview of life as a student in the field of study you are pursuing.

2. Attend an athletic game, concert, or campus event

No matter which of these you choose, you will gain an understanding of the campus personality, a vision of Friday nights on campus, a sense of school spirit, activity, and the liveliness of the school.

3. Plan something to do outside the college

Explore life around the college. Many towns will have seasonal festivals, weekend farmer’s markets, and outdoor activities. It’s important to remember that, while you are primarily choosing a college and program of study, you should also be thinking of how your free time will be spent.

If you plan on being in Wisconsin for the Silver Lake Campus Visit on October 16th, you can attend Manitowoc's annual Oktoberfest festival. Along with your college visit plan a mini adventure with your family. Whether that involves a festival at night, or stand-up paddleboarding during the day, there is always something new to try.

With careful planning and coordination, your campus visit can allow you to take in the culture of the school and its academic characteristics, all the while enjoying a mini vacation!


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