4 ways Silver Lake College makes the transfer process easy for students at all levels

Posted By Jamie Grant On March 30, 2017

4 ways silver lake college makes the transfer process easy for students at all levels

The decision to transfer to a different university is an important one. No matter what your reasons are for changing schools, you’ll be encouraged to know that transferring to Silver Lake College is easier than you might think.

To help you along in the application process, we’ve come up with four ways we make the application process easy if you want to transfer to Silver Lake College!

1. SLC makes the application process simple and straightforward.

Transferring to Silver Lake College is a straightforward process. First, you’ll complete your application online or on paper – whatever you prefer. Then you must send your official transcripts from every college or university you’ve attended to the Office of Admissions. Finally, you’ll submit your high school/GED/HSED transcripts to the Office of Admissions if you don’t have an associate’s degree. It’s as simple as that!

2. SLC will make a decision ASAP when you apply now.

You can complete your transfer application online right now. There’s no need to wait for deadlines or decision dates either. Once all of your credentials are submitted, the Office of Admissions will notify you of a decision as soon as possible. You’ll spend less time worrying about transferring and more time preparing for the next steps in your college career.

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3. SLC’s admissions counselors are available to answer your questions and concerns.

Take a few minutes to call the Office of Admissions and introduce yourself. Show your interest in the college and explain why you’d like to transfer. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference a phone call can make. The Office of Admissions receives a lot of applications and making that introduction will help you stand out. Admissions counselors are the best people to contact with any questions you have about the application process, the school, campus life and so much more.

4. SLC’s transfer process dispels many myths about transferring as an undergrad.

Perhaps you’re doubting your decision to transfer. What if the application process is time consuming? What if I don’t graduate on time? How will I make friends? The questions can pile up and sometimes overwhelm you. Remember, the application is a simple three-step process, and the Office of Admissions will be happy to answer any questions you have about applying.

When it comes to graduating on time, Silver Lake College will determine what credits from your transcripts will transfer, ensuring that you won’t lose any time for the classes you’ve completed. And, making friends at Silver Lake College is not hard when you have a thriving campus and student life. We offer a wide variety of student organizations, sports, ministries and more. You’ll easily make friends right away on this vibrant campus. Learn more about our student organizations and athletics here.

Transferring to a new college can be stressful, but we hope these four simple points will reveal that the process is not as hard as it seems, and that you have many resources and people at Silver Lake College who can help you in the application process.

If you’re thinking of transferring, give us a call at our Ariens Family Welcome Center today at 800-236-4752 ext. 175. We’d love to get to know you!

Are you interested in visiting Silver Lake College in hopes of transferring to complete your four-year degree? We invite you to our upcoming Campus Visit Day!


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