5 Reasons to Schedule a Spring Semester Campus Visit

Posted By Mark Swanson On February 04, 2016


One of the most exciting parts about applying to college is visiting various campuses and imagining yourself there. However, sometimes it’s difficult to decide the best time to visit somewhere new.

Help yourself decide when is best by reading these five reasons on why you should schedule a campus visit this spring.

The early start 

One of the best ways to help with your college search is to start early. By starting this exciting search during your junior year, you will be able to have a more relaxed decision-making process. By starting early, you allot more time for yourself to explore the many colleges where you want to spend the next four years of your life.

Once you finish your initial college visits, you can spend the summer reflecting and reviewing your potential colleges. If you can’t decide between two colleges by the fall semester of your senior year, you still have time to revisit them and make your final decision. By starting early this spring, you will be able to approach the college application process with clarity and strategy.

The spring break strategy

Who would want to visit a college when classes are out of session and the campus appears to be a ghost town? What makes the spring semester so special is that while you and your fellow high school students are on spring break, university classes may still be in session. Take advantage of this opportunity and get to know the everyday campus life.

During your visit, notice where students tend to gather, eat lunch or do homework. Find out areas that students seem to enjoy and ask yourself if you would enjoy hanging out in the same locations. By visiting while classes are in session you will be able to gain valuable insight into the lives of students at this college or university.

The freshman veteran

By visiting during the spring semester, while students are still on campus, the greater majority of students will have had at least one semester of college experience.

One of the best and underemployed strategies to gather unique and helpful information is to speak to the actual students. Be brave by gathering information from tour guides.

Talk to freshmen about their overall first semester experience, their day-to-day routine and the best food on campus! You can utilize the freshman veteran and get an answer more well-suited to making your final decision. Who knows? You may end up making friends with a student before you even start!

The local adventure

Another important factor in deciding where to go to college, besides the physical buildings and students, is the combination of culture and atmosphere in the local town or city.  Sports teams and local activities contribute to the environment of the school.

Go check out your school’s athletic teams. If you’re not into sports, go check out some local attractions. Visit the local zoo or marina. Enjoy a day of boating and jet skiing or relax on the beach. Do things you think you would do if you attended this college.

Your last year in high school

The last thing you want is to have a stressful and busy final year in high school. In the back of your mind you probably have a checklist for college applications and a checklist of things you want to do with your friends and family.

By scheduling and visiting in the spring, you can approach the college application process with clarity and strategy resulting in less stress, more confidence, and more time with your family and friends as you begin your next adventure.

Don’t wait any longer, follow the link below to schedule your next campus visit!

Schedule a Campus Visit

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