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5 Things to Do on Your Campus Visit

Posted By Benjamin Wideman On March 28, 2015

5 things to do on your campus visit

Visiting the colleges you’ve applied to is an important step in the college application process — nothing can give you an inside look at a school quite like walking around campus, meeting students, and learning about its facilities.

Here are five things to do once you get to campus for your visit:

1. Talk to your tour guide.

Student tour guides are one of your best resources for learning about a school. These individuals not only have chosen this school to attend, but they also want to show it off to prospective students. They can tell you a lot about the academics, campus life, and resources.

2. Sit in on a class.

Ask an admissions counselor before you come if you can attend a class. Or, if you know someone currently attending the school, go to one of their classes. If you can find one whose subject matter you’re interested in, great — but what you should evaluate above all is whether the professor engages with the students, whether the students seem interested, and whether you think you’d do well in that environment.

3. Visit a dorm.

Often, admissions counselors will coordinate with students living on campus to have several rooms available for show. Call ahead to find out if this is part of your tour — and if not, whether you might be able to see one anyway. Seeing a dorm room will give you an idea of what your living situation would look like, as well as what type of items you’ll want to bring from home (an extra chair, a microwave, etc.).

OR 3. Ask about (and check out!) the parking situation.

If you’ll be commuting, find out how parking works for students. If the commuter lot is far away from many of the academic buildings, you’ll need to factor in the extra walking time when planning your schedule around your other time commitments.

4. Visit the library.

You won’t always want to do homework in your dorm room; if you’re commuting, you may have gaps of time in between classes during which you can get some work done. Either way, see whether the library provides a good study atmosphere. Things to look for? Plenty of tables and outlets, extensive hours, and quiet.

5. Eat on campus.

Take note of both the range of options (including healthier fare) and price, and find out what the meal plan system looks like. If you’re living on campus, this is most likely what you’ll be eating every day! If you will commute: depending on what your class schedule looks like, you may be on campus during meal times a few times a week — so find out whether campus dining is a practical option for you.

Finally: don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you can find out, the better informed a decision you’ll make!

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