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A New Way to Offset Wisconsin College Debt

Posted By Jamie Grant On December 10, 2015


According to a report done by The Institute of College Access and Success, the average debt of college students in Wisconsin has increased by 74 percent between 2004 and 2014, leaving its growth rate to be the third highest in the nation.

As some of you high school students (and parents) know, there are several ways to combat the high costs of college expenses. Think loans, grants, working while in school, work-study programs, scholarships, etc. One option many students haven't heard of is the Work College program. The Work College program offers a different approach to tackling this incessant money-consuming monster that is college. 

The Work College program, adopted by only 7 institutions nationwide, is a curriculum with working to offset the cost of college built into the student's schedule. So instead of wrestling to squeeze time in for the 6-hour night shift you have at McDonalds, the exhaustive weekend babysitting job you have, or even the few hours a week you put in to work-study, the Work College program has paying for school  pre-built into it. 

The Work College program and a Federal Work Study have similar elements -- they both involve working with the institution to pay for college, but the methodology is really, quite different.

One thing to know is that anyone can participate in a Work College program. To be a part of a work-study, one must apply (FAFSA), and be considered eligible for financial aid. This is not the case for the Work College program. Again, anyone can partake!

Here is an infographic that contrasts the journey of a federal work-study and Work College student:


If you are interested in learning more about the Work College program, visit the page below to get more details!

Visit the FAQ Page

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