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Dr. Rachel Ware Carlton, Assistant Professor of Voice and Interim Director of Graduate Music, is an award winning soprano who has performed on the operatic and concert stage. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Musical Arts degrees from the University of Minnesota and her Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Luther College. Dr. Ware Carlton has taught vocalists at the collegiate, secondary, and elementary levels. Her articles on vocal pedagogy, private studio management, and other topics have appeared in national publications.


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What are the benefits of a master's degree in music education?

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 2/17/17 11:46 AM

Graduate degrees are becoming increasingly popular — both for employers to require and for employees to pursue. But if you’re like most people, you’re wondering what kind of benefits come with the completion of an advanced degree.

Note: Are you struggling to find for your master’s degree in music education?  Check out Silver Lake’s 2-week, 4-summer program!

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3 reasons to enroll in a 4-Year BSN program

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 2/9/17 7:30 AM

As you may have already heard, Silver Lake College recently added a new four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to its list of nursing program offerings. We’re excited about this new program for lots of reasons, not least of which is that we can offer an in-demand degree program to qualified candidates with no waiting list. Yes, you read that correctly!

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SLC’s Kodály Music Legend: Sister Lorna Zemke

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 1/5/17 7:30 AM

Renowned Kodály music educator

Sister Lorna Zemke, music professor emeritus at Silver Lake College, is internationally regarded as a top scholar/practitioner and Kodály music educator.  Sister Lorna was recently honored at Silver Lake College with an award called, the Sister Lorna Zemke Endowed Faculty Fund for Music Education and a dedication of the Zemke-Daniel Rehearsal Hall in the Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance. “Sister Lorna serves as a great example for students, faculty and staff of excellent teaching and compassion, no matter what our life’s work is,” said Dr. Chris E. Domes, president of Silver Lake College. “She continues to bring the idea of being a servant leader into a world that desperately needs them.”

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4 Summers, 2 Weeks, 1 Master’s Degree in Music Education

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 12/22/16 7:30 AM

With the approaching new year, we all talk about making changes to our lifestyles — making your bread all from scratch, finally organizing the garage, sewing your own clothes, training for a marathon, or writing that book. But when it comes to buckling down and accomplishing these goals, we often don’t.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to earn a master’s degree in music education but you’re not sure how that could fit into your busy life. Taking a year or two off of your job is simply not a financial option and night classes just wouldn’t work for you long term.

But could you manage to give up two weeks of work during the summer?

At Silver Lake College, you can get your master’s degree in music education by putting in just two weeks of coursework for four summers.

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To Pursue a Music Degree or Not To

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 4/14/16 10:30 AM

Choosing your undergraduate degree does not always come with ease. You may have a plethora of interests, all of which have the potential to lead you down different paths. It could be that you may not know if you’re passionate enough to immerse yourself in a subject that will be a part of you for the rest of your life.

This especially holds true for those contemplating whether or not to pursue a music degree.

Are you someone who loves music and wants to go to school to study it?

Are you hesitant because you’re unsure if it will be worth the investment?  

We’ve compiled a list of reasons that will help you decide whether or not to pursue a music degree.

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The Kodály Approach: A Different Range of Music Education

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 2/25/16 10:30 AM

If you are a music educator, you might have heard of the Kodály approach to music education. It is an approach that while, slightly unconventional, has proven to inspire, enlighten and educate students.

Using a more traditional form of music education, The National Association of Music Education simply describes its methodology: create, perform and respond, focus on technical practicing methods and an emphasis on music theory.

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3 Reasons to Learn the Kodály Method of Music Education

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 1/28/16 10:30 AM

If you are a music educator, then you have probably heard of the major methods of teaching music: Orff, Kodály, Suzuki, Dalcroze.

But have you ever really considered learning to use the Kodály method of music education? If you haven’t, you should. Here’s why:

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Why A Degree in Music Education Is Worth A Second Look

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 12/4/15 12:21 PM

Are you thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in Music Education? Whether you currently teach music and want to go back to school, or are just considering studying music education in graduate school, a Master of Music Education program could be the perfect program for you!

There are many benefits to pursuing a Master’s in Music Education, and there are many flexible  programs to fit many schedule’s needs.

Here are three things to think about as you consider completing a graduate program in Music Education:

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5 Questions and Answers about the Kodaly Approach to Music Education

Posted by Rachel Ware Carlton on 3/7/15 4:03 PM

Each summer, students from around the world attend the Summer Music Session at Silver Lake to pursue their Kodaly Certificate. However, some educators and musicians may have never heard of the Kodaly approach.

My name is Rachel Ware Carlton, and I’m the Director of Graduate Music at Silver Lake College. Here I’ve answered five questions people new to Kodaly commonly have about the method.

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