College Application Lessons from Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Posted By Amy Hanson On December 29, 2016

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which for many of us means that our annual family Christmas-movie marathon is just around the corner.  Before you settle into your favorite spot on the couch and watch Fred Claus for the 50th time, take a few minutes to find out what holiday flicks can teach you about the college admissions process.
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1. Take a cue from Buddy the Elf and pursue whatever school and advanced field of study you feel passionate about.

“I love smiling! Smiling’s my favorite!” — Buddy the Elf

You’ll enjoy your college education a lot more if you’re studying something that lights your intellectual fire. Instead of applying to a school simply because of the prestige or because your friends are planning to go there, consider applying to schools that heavily feature your “favorite” subject(s).

While it’s not absolutely essential to decide what you want to major in before you step foot on campus freshman year, it’s definitely worthwhile to do some serious soul-searching before declaring a major so that you don’t waste time (and money) studying something that doesn’t interest you. And, if you’re worried about your post-grad job prospects, remember that these days, if you have enough passion and determination, you can build a career around whatever you truly care about.

2. Be honest with yourself about the type of school you need in order to thrive socially.

“No man is a failure who has friends.” — Clarence, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Most people will tell you that college is a time to build lifelong friendships, and while that is true, choosing the school that will best suit your social needs takes some effort. Does the thought of a small school comfort you or make you feel claustrophobic? Are you worried that you’d feel anonymous and lost at a big state school, or does the thought of going to a school with tens of thousands of students excite you?

Be honest with yourself about what kind of school environment you want, and you’re much more likely to choose a school that fits your personality and that will provide the right environment for you to experience the enrichment of true friendship.

3. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone when applying to colleges.

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!” Jack Skellington, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

College may still seem like a distant dream to you, in light of all that has to get done before you graduate from high school. You also may have difficulty imagining yourself in college because you’re one of the few in your family to pursue higher education or because most of your friends aren’t continuing their education post-high school. Maybe your parents aren’t open to you applying to schools out of state, or you’re worried about financial aid.

But none of these things should deter you from seeking out and applying to a school that you actually want to attend. Here at SLC, we are happy to talk with you about our programs of study, student life, and excellent financial aid opportunities to help you see that a college education is attainable.

We hope that these words of wisdom from some of our favorite Christmas movies have inspired you to keep up the good work as you begin or continue the college admissions process.

Merry Christmas!

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