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Focusing on Silver Lake College's Franciscan Vision

Posted By Sister Marie-Kolbe Zamora, S.T.D. On May 04, 2017

At Silver Lake College, we strive to instill in our students a sense of compassion and respect for all people, modeled on the life experience of St. Francis of Assisi. Our Franciscan mission and vision are founded on St. Francis’ experience of faith, universal communion and the importance of empathy in every context. Our Franciscan commitment to the Gospel calls us to celebrate each student’s unique background.

If you’re considering attending SLC, it’s important that we share with you the Franciscan vision that guides all we do.

Silver Lake College is Dedicated to a Franciscan Mission and Vision

Silver Lake College promotes academic curiosity and community engagement in an environment of respect for each human person. Combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation, our students enjoy dynamic classes and extracurricular involvements in an intimate setting. With just more than 500 undergraduate students enrolled at SLC, each person is encouraged and pushed to pursue learning and exercise Franciscan leadership for the rest of their life. emulating Franciscan values all the while.

After four years at Silver Lake College, we aim to send transformed students into the world with reverence and compassion for others.

Silver Lake College has a Diverse Student Body

Just as our vision and mission uphold equality, peacemaking and universal respect for every person, Silver Lake College seeks to make a private, liberal arts education affordable and accessible to individuals from all walks of life. As the most diverse private college in Wisconsin, SLC is home to a student body from a range of states and countries around the world.

With programs like our Christian Prayer Reflection and Taste of Home, where students gather for tastings of different ethnic foods, SLC students have the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures and histories while perpetuating the truth and goodness of our Maker.

Note: As you consider where to attend college, take some time to understand  what a work college is. We invite you to download our eBook: A Guide to  Understanding the Work College Model and SLC Works.

Silver Lake College has a Community

In imitation of St. Francis for whom all of creation was “brother” and “sister,” “community” is one of Silver Lake College’s central values. We work hard to provide an open, inclusive, lively and intellectually stimulating environment for our students. We promote the importance of a liberal arts education both in and out of the classroom with service projects like the Look Ahead Lakers, which provides mentors to at-risk students in the area, and Camp Explore, a pre-college liberal arts summer camp for students grades 3-9.

Our students are involved in a number of organizations and clubs, each of which is integrated with the school’s Franciscan Values and humanitarian mission. Similarly, Franciscan spirituality enriches the Work College model implemented at SLC.

Silver Lake College Perpetuates Respect for Creation

Regardless of a student’s particular interests, he or she will find a home here at Silver Lake College, especially with SLC being a small college. As a Catholic school with an inherently Christian message, we receive all of creation as a gift from God and hope to awaken our students to an awareness and acceptance of this reality.  

The School of Liberal Arts, School of Professional Studies, and School of Education offer programs and areas of study that delve into the meaning of the human person and faith. Our students are challenged to learn and take on new responsibilities every day with reflection and open-mindedness.

If you’re interested in learning more about Silver Lake College and the programs offered here, we invite you to download our free eBook — A Guide to Understanding the Work College Model and SLC Works — which defines the Work College program at SLC!


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