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Is an Accelerated Degree for Me?

Posted By Jamie Grant On December 08, 2016

is an accelerated degree for me

Life gets busy, fast. It seems like only yesterday you were spending summer vacations at the pool with friends in between school terms. But now, you almost never get a break — between full-time work, fix-it projects around the house, too-little-time with family and friends, it might be hard to imagine returning to school to finish up a bachelor’s degree and fit yet another thing into your hectic life.

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Read on to discover why an accelerated degree might be the solution for you if you’re concerned about dedicating your time to a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Accelerated degrees make balancing school and work manageable.

Accelerated degree programs are specifically designed for working adults. With courses scheduled to meet only once a week, either on weekday evenings or weekends, these degrees are very flexible for busy working professionals. Unlike transferring into a full-time bachelor’s degree completion program, accelerated degree programs offer a convenient way to return to school without sacrificing your current salary and lifestyle.

Students only take one class at a time, and that way, they can give their full attention to one class rather than spreading themselves thin over several courses.

Associate degree graduates enter these programs as juniors and typically complete their degrees within three years — again, only donating one night a week to the effort!

An accelerated degree also accelerates your potential job opportunities.

Once you complete a bachelor’s degree, a world of opportunities open up. Your increased marketability will likely allow you to promote within your current job or negotiate higher pay. If there’s no room for advancement where you work now, a bachelor’s degree will help qualify you for many jobs in fields that favor an advanced education.

Furthermore, according to’s comparison between the salaries of associate degree graduates and bachelor’s degree graduates, the latter come out on top at almost every level of employment, from entry-level workers to experienced workers: “the national starting median pay for those who hold only a bachelor’s degree is $43,200, which is over 20 percent higher than the national starting median pay for those who hold an associate’s degree ($35,100).”

With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll have more employment security.

In an economic turndown, employers often have to cut jobs or salaries somewhere. And since they have to start somewhere, employers usually start cutting jobs/salaries at the bottom. If you hold a bachelor’s degree, your position is more likely to remain stable over someone with only an associate degree.

During recessions, employment rates are much lower among those who hold a bachelor’s degree compared to those with only some college or a high school diploma.  

Completing an accelerated degree leaves you with confidence, and it’s never too late to get started.

Many people feel that completing a bachelor’s degree is highly rewarding and a major personal accomplishment. That one slip of paper indicates that you possess plenty of skill with respect to time management, self-discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic. These qualities are all things that employers will notice. Not to mention, you’ll know that you went above and beyond what is needed to complete an associate degree. (And with your higher self-esteem, maybe you’ll decide you have the academic potential to go on for a graduate degree!)

One night a week for a few years isn’t so much to put in, but a degree that opens more doors for you and your family is an invaluable investment, and it’s never too late to start investing!

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