Silver Lake College and College Possible set students up for success

Posted By Jamie Grant On June 08, 2017

graduates.jpgSilver Lake College is an academic institution dedicated to providing a sense of academic excellence and Franciscan values to its students. For many students, earning a college degree is a far-fetched goal, but College Possible has partnered with Silver Lake College to provide students the means they need in order to achieve their academic and career goals.

Silver Lake College’s very own Morgan McKissik has been working with her College Possible mentor, Shara Edwards, for two semesters now and says that with Shara’s help, she feels like she is ready for whatever comes next. “When thinking of College Possible, college is really possible for anybody no matter the situation.”

We’ll leave it up to the College Possible mentors, students and the faculty of SLC to explain the full impact the program has on participants.

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