The Kodály Approach: A Different Range of Music Education

Posted By Rachel Ware Carlton On February 25, 2016


If you are a music educator, you might have heard of the Kodály approach to music education. It is an approach that while, slightly unconventional, has proven to inspire, enlighten and educate students.

Using a more traditional form of music education, The National Association of Music Education simply describes its methodology: create, perform and respond, focus on technical practicing methods and an emphasis on music theory.

On the other hand, the Kodály method is separated into several hands-on steps for a less rigid, more unique and approachable music education.

Before going with a more traditional form of music education, learn more about the Kodály method and how it is effective.

Music is for everyone.

The Kodály approach puts great emphasis on the idea that anyone can be taught music, that everyone is capable of learning and understanding music.

Start young.

The Kodály approach asserts the notion that music is best learned when taught at a young age, but by using this approach, persons of any age have the potential to develop a musical talent.

Quality music. 

Kodály put emphasis on exposing students to music from musical masters in order to provide the ability to distinguish between good and bad music. In Kodály’s opinion, a student’s understanding of quality music laid the foundation for the ability to most efficiently attain a music education.

Key elements of the approach.

In addition to the idea that music should be inclusive and ideally taught at an early age, Kodály puts an emphasis on a variety of methods.

Focusing on auditory factors like singing and folk music as well as kinesthetic methods, like solfege and the moveable do system (the use of syllables and hand positions to represent notes on the music scale). These exist as key elements to Kodály’s approach to music education.

While an understanding of technique and theory exists as an important part of music education, the Kodály method has proven itself as a relevant and successful form of education by utilizing all forms of the senses.

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