The Value of Franciscan Education

Posted By Jamie Grant On October 27, 2016


Silver Lake College is founded on Franciscan values. Often painted only as a lover of creation, Saint Francis of Assisi was a man of action. G.K. Chesterton wrote of him, “To go and do something was one of the driving demands of his nature.”  And, that is and has been the goal and mission of the college for 81 years. 

Father Dan Felton speaks of the Franciscan tradition and mission of Silver Lake College, and how it affects the lives of both students and teachers, while cultivating an environment that loves and serves creation. 

"The sisters here, in their rich tradition of being committed to Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, have instilled in the college and everyone who has been at the college a deep sense of Franciscan values, a love for creation and the world that surrounds us, a deep sense of social justice, a want to bring peace in the world, the use of our gifts and talents, always in service of God, always to bring honor to God. And so, in many ways, the fabric of this community and of this college has extended well beyond the city of Manitowoc and has impacted not only those across our region, in many instances across our country, and in some instances, even around the world."

"Silver Lake College has been that school that has showed people their gifts and talents, their meaning in life, and ultimately, through that, to fulfill the purpose and mission that they've been given in life, in so many ways."

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