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Posted By Fernie Torres On November 05, 2015


When I graduated from high school, I wasn’t planning to attend college right away. I was planning on taking a gap year.

In the spring, before graduation, I considered a large four-year public institution, but a part of me didn’t really want to go there (1) because of its proximity to home and (2) because of its size.

I also didn’t think I was prepared mentally or financially. Then Dan Connolly from the Admissions Office at Silver Lake College called about orientation, and I began thinking seriously about Silver Lake.

At first I wasn’t so sure about the size, but I thought to myself: small is good. And so it really narrowed down to these two schools:  Silver Lake College and the local public four-year institution. I decided I wanted to become more independent.

So I came to the conclusion that this smaller institution, that was also farther from home, would be better for me. So I chose Silver Lake. And here's why I wouldn't change the decision I made:

Silver Lake has given me life opportunities, and has allowed me to discover the fields I am interested in: social work, neuropsychology, and art therapy. Not only has Silver Lake allowed me to uncover some of my passions, but it has provided me with the resources I need to help me achieve them.

The faculty, staff, and people challenge me. The staff and students at Silver Lake encourage me to be better. And because of this, I have become more independent and responsible. The professors at Silver Lake are amazing—every time I have had a problem or question it is always answered with a bright smile and nod to the future ahead of me. They have truly allowed me to see the choices I didn’t know I had.

Everyone at Silver Lake believes in you, in their own way. They have this bright idea, and this makes you want to work hard not to disappoint them.

That is what makes Silver Lake unique: the people, the energy that goes around, and how everyone is so positive with each other. They challenge you, because they believe in you.

Silver Lake is a very connected community. Everyone is willing to help one another, and that is what makes the school very positive. The staff looks out for you, they worry and care, and not every school offers that.

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