Why You Should Consider Silver Lake’s Undergraduate Accelerated Degree Completion Delivery

Posted By Jamie Grant On January 19, 2017

why you should consider silver lakes undergraduate accelerated degree completion delivery

If finishing your college degree is one of your current professional or personal goals, Silver Lake College’s accelerated degree delivery may be the best solution. Located in beautiful Manitowoc, WI, our accelerated method of delivery is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. It is designed for working adults who want to schedule courses around an already demanding lifestyle.

Note: If you’re interested in completing your degree by participating in an accelerated degree program, Silver Lake College invites you to visit our website for more information.

Accelerated degree deliveries help working professionals to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Whether you are a working adult with some college credits, or a two-year associate’s degree the trained enrollment team at Silver Lake College can help you pursue your higher education goals via accelerated delivery methods. Using strategic course planning skills and a step-by-step enrollment process, you could be on your way to achieving personal satisfaction and financial security for your desired future.

Silver Lake College’s accelerated degree delivery is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Silver Lake establishes accelerated learning in a supportive learning environment.

Returning to college is a big step as you navigate through your adult responsibilities and commitments. However, at Silver Lake College, you will become part of a community of learners. You will experience networking opportunities, faculty support, and a resourceful administrative staff who will guide you from the beginning to the end of your degree.

From your initial contact with our enrollment staff to your first day of class, you will sense a supportive team working with you to earn your college degree. Your academic program is carefully designed to help you focus, plan, and complete your academic goals.

So what are the academic details surrounding an accelerated format at Silver Lake?

What is an accelerated delivery method? Most working adults have limited time and are unable to enroll in a traditional (Monday - Friday daytime) format in order to complete their degree. At Silver Lake College, courses are designed in an accelerated format with most classes scheduled one night per week or online for eight weeks. Most associate degree graduates enter Silver Lake College as juniors and complete their degrees within three years.

Silver Lake College has partnered with the Wisconsin College Technical System, the University of Wisconsin Colleges Two Year System, and other two-year community or junior colleges to offer the following academic programs in an accelerated delivery format:

Bachelor of Science degree with majors in:

  • Accounting
  • Allied Health Leadership
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Science Technology
  • Nursing

Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in:

  • Psychology
  • Theology

What makes Silver Lake’s faculty qualified to teach accelerated programs?

The faculty members you will meet in the accelerated programs at Silver Lake have earned advanced degrees from accredited colleges and universities. The faculty are not only scholars but are highly-skilled professionals in their own careers in business, industry, and the service sector.

Additionally, the faculty who teach in the accelerated format have demonstrated skills as educational mentors for adult learners.

What are the financial aid options for students in an accelerated program?

Once accepted to SLC, full- and part-time students may receive a financial aid award from the college, state and federal sources. To begin the application process, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your qualifications for assistance (SLC student code: 003850). Check with your employer to determine if you are eligible for employee tuition reimbursement.

Here are some takeaways regarding the accelerated delivery format offered at Silver Lake College.

  • Interested students may submit their transcripts for a free and timely credit evaluation.
  • Most associate degree graduates enter Silver Lake College as juniors and complete their degrees within three years.
  • Silver Lake College has partnered with the Wisconsin College Technical System, the University of Wisconsin Colleges Two Year System, and other two-year community colleges to offer the degree-completion programs noted above.
  • For more information about Silver Lake's accelerated delivery options, visit our webpage.

If the Silver Lake College accelerated delivery format sounds like the answer to your academic goals, simply submit your transcripts for a free and timely credit evaluation. Or, contact our Ariens Family Welcome Center at, or call 1-800-236-4752 ext. 175 for more information or complete our free application on

By utilizing the accelerated degree learning style, you can schedule your college classes on weekday evenings or on weekends, you can accommodate your work-life-balance schedule, and you can achieve academic success.

If you’re interested in learning more about Silver Lake College’s accelerated delivery format, we invite you to request more information through our website.

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